Uses of Interface

Packages that use WebService
org.qtunes.web The "web" package defines the abstract API for a Web Server 
org.qtunes.web.spi.simple The "web.spi.simple" package defines a very simple implementation of the "web" package - a simple web server 
org.qtunes.web.spi.sun The "web.spi.sun" package wraps the web server supplied with Sun Java 6 in the API defined by the "web" package. 

Uses of WebService in org.qtunes.web

Methods in org.qtunes.web that return WebService
 WebService WebConnection.getWebService()
 WebService WebConnectionWrapper.getWebService()

Uses of WebService in org.qtunes.web.spi.simple

Classes in org.qtunes.web.spi.simple that implement WebService
 class SimpleServer

Uses of WebService in org.qtunes.web.spi.sun

Classes in org.qtunes.web.spi.sun that implement WebService
 class SunServer