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Packages that use AbstractMatcher
org.qtunes.auth The "auth" package contains the API interface to authorize user actions - managing logins, sessions etc. 
org.qtunes.core The "core" package defines a Service and it's Context. 
org.qtunes.db The "db" package defines the API for the database, which stores the tracks and playlists 

Uses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.auth

Subclasses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.auth
 class SessionMatcher
          A AbstractMatcher which can be used to match a Session object.

Uses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.core

Subclasses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.core
 class ServiceMatcher

Uses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.db

Subclasses of AbstractMatcher in org.qtunes.db
 class TrackMatcher
          A AbstractMatcher which matches against the fields in a Track by name.