Class ImageScaler

  extended by org.qtunes.core.util.ImageScaler

public class ImageScaler
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class to scale an image to no larger than a specified size. Will cache images based on the checksum of their bytes, so that identical requests don't process the image more than once.

Method Summary
static ImageScaler getInstance()
 java.nio.ByteBuffer getScaledImage(java.nio.ByteBuffer in, int maxwidth, int maxheight, java.lang.String format)
          Return a ByteBuffer containing rendered image.
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Method Detail


public static ImageScaler getInstance()


public java.nio.ByteBuffer getScaledImage(java.nio.ByteBuffer in,
                                          int maxwidth,
                                          int maxheight,
                                          java.lang.String format)
Return a ByteBuffer containing rendered image. The image will have a maximum dimension of maxwidth x maxheight - if the image supplied in "in" has to be scaled to meet that, the returned image will be in the requested format, otherwise the original image is returned. If the image can't be parsed or is null, this method returns null

in - a ByteBuffer containing a rendered Image, or null
maxwidth - the maximum width in pixels
maxheight - the maximum width in pixels
format - if the image has to be scaled, what format to create the saved image as
a ByteBuffer containing a bitmap image no larger than the requestest size, or null