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Uses of Call in org.qtunes.auth.control

Fields in org.qtunes.auth.control with type parameters of type Call
protected  java.util.List<Call> JSONParser.calls

Methods in org.qtunes.auth.control that return types with arguments of type Call
 java.util.List<Call> JSONParser.getMethodCalls()
 java.util.List<Call> ParamParser.getMethodCalls()
          Get the name of the ControlMethod we want to invoke
 java.util.List<Call> SimpleParser.getMethodCalls()

Method parameters in org.qtunes.auth.control with type arguments of type Call
 java.lang.Object ControlMethodInvoker.invoke(ServiceContext context, java.lang.String objectname, java.util.List<Call> calls)
          Invoke a ControlMethod on an Object.