Uses of Interface

Packages that use Authorizer
org.qtunes.auth The "auth" package contains the API interface to authorize user actions - managing logins, sessions etc. 
org.qtunes.auth.spi An implementation of the "auth" package API 

Uses of Authorizer in org.qtunes.auth

Classes in org.qtunes.auth that implement Authorizer
 class BasicAuthorizer
          A simple Authorizer that tests a Session aganst a SessionMatcher.

Methods in org.qtunes.auth with parameters of type Authorizer
 void Auth.addAuthorizer(Authorizer auth)
          Add an Authorizer to the Auth object.
 void Auth.removeAuthorizer(Authorizer auth)
          Remove the previously added Authorizer from the Auth object

Uses of Authorizer in org.qtunes.auth.spi

Methods in org.qtunes.auth.spi with parameters of type Authorizer
 void AuthImpl.addAuthorizer(Authorizer auth)
 void AuthImpl.removeAuthorizer(Authorizer auth)