Java based music player with support for DAAP/DACP and Airtunes protocol. This means it can stream to iTunes, be remotely controlled by the Apple Remote software for iPhone or iPad, and can play music to one or more Airports. Features:

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To Build

Download the source (from Bazaar or from the links below), ant onejar, copy the example/qtunes.conf file and edit it to reflect the path to your music folder, then java -jar dist/all.jar path/to/qtunes.conf. The web service will announce itself via Zeroconf/Bonjour, but typically it's http://localhost:3679/webplayer/static/index.html. MP3 works out of the box, if you want MP4 see the README for details on how to install.


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And finally, this code is in no way endorsed or approved of by Apple, and I have no connection to them (although I do seem to have a lot of their stuff). All trademarks are property of their respective owners.